What type of materials are used to make garage doors? Garage doors are commonly made of; natural wood, aluminum, steel, glass or fiberglass. Each of the materials can be decided upon based regarding durability, artistic appeal, energy efficacy, maintenance, and cost

Best Material For Your Garage Door

Steel Doors


First up on the most common type, is the steel garage door. It has several benefits and also is by far the most cost-effective choice. Steel doors are durable though thinner steel doors are susceptible to indents than thicker materials. They require low maintenance than other types, but if left unattended for long, they may start rusting.

Steel is a poor insulator, therefore if comfort and energy savings are an issue, you may need to consider insulated doors. Regarding aesthetical appeal, steel doors can be painted to match the house.

Wood Doors

Regarding beauty, workmanship, and quality, wood look garage doors fit the bill. It is the oldest material to be used for garage doors, and it continues to offer a variety of designs, e.g., natural wood stains or painted surfaces and windows can be added.
By far it is a better insulator than plain steel. Wooden doors require maintenance on a regular for long expectancy and appeal to the eye. Stained wood doors are a tad expensive but do look a lot better.

Wood Composite Doors

This type of doors combines the qualities of a steel door with the aesthetic appeal of natural wood doors.
It can be painted or stained just like the natural wood door, but it offers better resistance to rotting and splitting that may happen on a natural wood door.


Glass Doors

Glass doors are similar to aluminum counterparts, as they do provide sleek designs to complement your house.
Despite the fact that glass doors are stronger than aluminum ones and cannot get dints, it is brittle and can easily break if hit. This may lead to extra repair costs and also reduce the door’s durability. Glass is also a poor insulator and may not be a good pick considering energy efficiency and comfort.

Aluminum Doors

ksdovsdvosdvnksdvlksdlkvlskdvsdvasdJust like the steel doors, aluminum offers similar features with a fresher look and are largely cheaper. Aluminum doors are normally maintenance free and lighter regarding weight than other door types. Regarding aesthetics, aluminum offers a variety of long lasting finishes and colors.

Its major drawback is that it lacks regarding insulation, it isn’t ideal in areas with extreme temperatures. This may lead to energy conservation issues. Also, aluminum is prone to get dents.